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Hello there! We are very pleased that you are here. There are millions of internet sites in the world and we would be delighted if you hopefully find some new inspirations during your journey on our site and our music. Have fun and if you feel so - please feel free contacting us.

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Volume 3: The Art of Cineastic Chillout

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This stream airs 24/7. Enjoy the most beautiful and breathtaking video footage combined with the Hangar-7-Sound.

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We are working on a test with the TONIO APP. TONIO is a solution were you can synchronise audio and for example this video content.

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We love to combine music and video footage into one symbiotic masterpiece. So please join the journey into cineastic chillout music - watch our latest videos below or just go to the video library. Have fun!

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Red Bull Records is an independent record label dedicated to long-term artist development with a global perspective. Our mission is to provide our artists with an environment to succeed.

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Our homebase HANGAR-7 near Salzburg/Airport (AUSTRIA) is a unique place in the world. 
It’s also the base from our FLYING-BULLS colleagues. We are very proud to be a part of them and would like to invite you to have some looks behind the scenes during our production-times.

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Enjoy the most beautiful and breathtaking video footage combined with the Hangar-7-Sound.

About Us

For musicians the wing shaped dome is first and foremost an acoustic challenge. Throughout the »Hangar-7-Sound Project« a wide range of musi­cians and producers worked within this one-of-a-kind structure. The giant architectonical hull gives sound an unexpected width and thus makes it difficult for the artist to anticipate their instru­ment’s impact. But out of this supposed weakness grows strength if one truly engages with the place:

The Hangar swings and thus is transformed into an instrument of its own, an instrument that can be played. The outcome is fascinating: Soundscapes that stand in perfect harmony with their place of origin. Sounds that show how the musicians were mesmerized and deeply touched by the ambience. Spherical sounds, which embrace their source and are partly played by the structure.

Music that challenges the laws of space and time. If one knows arenas, cathedrals or the echo in the mountains than maybe one can imagine how music is made within those mighty places. We had to learn to redefine our musical knowledge, as no instrument and no note would play as you have heard it in this environment for the first time. Acoustically speaking the HANGAR-7 blew away everything we’ve had experienced before.

We had to break with traditional song-structures, maneuver numerous technical challenges, until we were able to record this magnificent adventure with the authenticity it deserved. What an experience for everyone willing to listen. We wouldn’t want to miss a single second of it.